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November 18, 2021

Software development has gone beyond just functionality. In today’s world, the UX determines the relationship between the product and the user.

To stay relevant in today’s market, one must ensure that products/solutions developed are easy to use while still maintaining quality and functionality.

We understand that building solutions that will be used by a hundred/thousands/millions of audiences require proper architecture and infrastructure, but it also needs the best user flow and great user experience. So while we build apps, we ensure the software engineers and UI / UX team work together and not in isolation.

Previously, when our software engineers and UI /UX team worked In isolation, we realized a lot of breaks in understanding and we spent a long time developing. Once we figured the need for both teams to work through all the development processes, building the right architecture for development became clear as both teams understood the user journey. Though the backend engineers don’t need to explicitly understand the UI and everything UX, it helps them understand what is going on in the front end and to know the kind of data that will be passed to the front end.

In general, UI / UX saves development time. Understanding the user journey enables engineers to have user empathy while building a solution. Once the user can rely on a product/solution, or find it intuitive then that solution will certainly come to mind once its needs arise.

Henry Okonkwo
CEO, Digital consultant at Truparse.

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