Stay naive

Our intelligently naive approach means we shun the experts and ensures we remain forever curious—open to new ways of working and influence that result in deeply emotive thinking and inspirational creativity.

Who are we?

Truparse is a software development company trusted by businesses of every size and in diverse industries to build bespoke tech solutions that empower them to overcome challenges and gain competitive advantage.

The Truparse team is a group of vibrant and creative problem-solvers who believe that with the right technology, everything is possible.

What do we do?

We combine expert software development skills, deep industry knowledge, and a unique approach to technology to build solutions for business problems, transform ideas into marketable products, and meet business needs as they arise.

Truparse create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, starting from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise software by looking at our clients high level business objectives.

How did we start?

The Truparse dream first began in 2013 when our CEO, Henry Okonkwo, a seasoned software engineer, started delivering custom solutions in small scale to individuals and businesses as a freelancer.

4 years down the line, with more and more clients pledging loyalty to his excellent service, Henry saw an opportunity for growth and thus Truparse became a reality; founded in 2017 with a goal to-

-enrich the lives of people and empower businesses through technology.

Over the years, Truparse has grown into a team of versatile tech-experts with a burning passion for tech and a strong commitment to that goal. 


What are our core values?






Who makes all the magic happen?

Let’s meet the team!

Henry Okonkwo


Turaki Ezekiel


Faith Idakwo

Head Of Product Development